Project overview

If you’ve ever seen the movie Night At The Museum you’ll know the thrill of exploring an empty museum with no-one else around. The virtual tour we built for the Finnish Museum of Natural History lets you do just that.

Using state of the art imaging equipment including high end DSLRs and 360 cameras we went to the museum before opening hours and took the photographs that would be used to create the virtual tour.

Minimising disruption for our clients is important to Northman. It’s why we managed the whole project from start to finish for the Finnish Museum of Natural History. We provided all the assets ready to go. The virtual tour doesn’t need any special software to run and works on all browsers and devices. We also integrated the virtual tour into Google, something we can do for all our clients.


Interactive Virtual Tour




Museum of Natural History

Helsinki, Finland


If you have accessibility needs the virtual tour lets you plan ahead. You can check out the internal layout to see where you might need additional help. Teachers and those planning school or group trips can use the virtual tour to check the layout of the museum so they can make plans for where they can have staging and meeting points for their party so they don’t get in the way of other museum visitors.

Thanks to the virtual tour you can plan your trip to the museum in detail even if you’ve never been there before. We integrated the tour into Google Maps so you can see what the entrance of the museum looks like and find the nearest bus stop.