Virtual tour Oodi

Project overview

Oodi is the flagship library for Helsinki and Finland. There is considerable public pride for Oodi which was designed in conjunction with the Finnish public. Multiple awards and praise for Oodi’s design has also meant people and all around the world want to see what Oodi is like inside.

The virtual tour we built for Oodi lets people from all around the world experience Oodi so even if they can’t visit in person – they can still enjoy the space.

People who are coming to the library, meeting friends or studying at Oodi can use the virtual tour to inspect all the areas to decide where to meet or study together. If you’re planning to spend the whole day at Oodi you can also view the restaurant and if you’re a carer who will be accompanying someone in a wheelchair you can reassure yourself about the ease of access.


Interactive Virtual Tour




Helsinki Central Library Oodi

Helsinki, Finland


The virtual tour covers 3 floors that you can navigate virtually using a small onscreen map. The map means you can make your way around the building, even from the other side of the world. The virtual tour lets you inspect many of the special features of Oodi too. These features were designed in association with the local population and include workshops, games room, conference and meeting rooms and more.

Oodi is famous for its design and the Northman team wanted the virtual tour to highlight the architecture of the building as well as its internal spaces. The photography choices we made for this virtual tour give the viewer a very realistic idea of what coming to the library would actually be like, including how light floods the building. We positioned our 360 cameras to show the view outside the window too.

The Virtual Tour helps brings visitors to the library and also helps attract tourists to Helsinki. The virtual tour was delivered to Oodi ready to be hosted on their site using a simple i-frame link. The virtual tour can be viewed on all devices and browsers without any special software.

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