Our happy customers

Virtual tour production

We offer a full range of 360-degree virtual productions such as: Virtual tours, 360 photos, rendered virtual content and Google Maps 360 tours.

Custom virtual tours

A customized virtual tour offers users the opportunity to explore spaces and areas in an interactive and immersive way, creating an experience that is close to actually visiting that location.

360 Rendered virtual tours

A photorealistic 360 virtual content can cover a wide range of applications, ranging from 3D modeling of individual products to the creation of entire virtual spaces such as museums or exhibitions.

Google Maps virtual tours

A 360 tour added to the Google map helps to improve your company's visibility in local search results, while attracting new customers and strengthening your company's reputation.

Featured virtual tours

We have produced virtual tours for several different industries such as museums, municipalities, shopping centers, real estate companies and restaurants.


Restaurant Savoy Vilho Varjonen
We asked Northman VR to produce for us a virtual presentation of the historic premises of Ravintola Savoy. The high-quality virtual tour has promoted the sale of facilities and accelerated the presentation of facilities. We dare to recommend Northman VR's virtual presentations to other companies as well
Sipoo municipality Jere Loikkanen
The virtual tour produced by Northman VR helped us introduce and increase awareness of the municipality's cultural and historical sites. The virtual tour was produced professionally and the 360 photos were of high quality. Thank you for your cooperation
Fiskars Village Elisabeth Blomqvist
The virtual tour produced by Northman VR brings out Fiskars Ruukki's historical banquet facilities and the coal milieu well. With the VR tour, we wanted to offer those interested in party facilities the opportunity to get to know our facilities from the comfort of their own home. The production was handled professionally and according to the schedule. Thank you for your cooperation.