Project overview

The owners of the Mitti i City shopping centre wanted a virtual tour that would perform different roles for different audiences: shoppers and potential tenants.

For shoppers, Northman created a virtual tour that lets potential customers explore the centre to learn about the centre’s layout, see the shops and cafés they might be interested in visiting and where they are located.  Shopping centres are destinations, people go there not just to shop but also to walk around and have something to eat, so virtual tours are great at attracting more visitors.

On a more practical level, they also help the elderly and their carers and parents bringing their children. The virtual tour lets people see how easy it is to manoeuvre around the centre and where amenities like toilets, elevators and car parks are situated.


Interactive Virtual Tour




Mitt i city

Karlstad, Sweden


For potential tenants, our virtual tour does a different job. It lets businesses see the size and position of the shops they may be interested in renting. Potential tenants can see what other shops are on the level they might lease, and where the unit is in relation to the elevators or car park access.

Now potential tenants see the units without visiting them. This is important as many units are leased by chains based in different towns or countries.

The shopping centre management company gets extra revenue by organising kiosks in the walkways, pop-up marketing events and advertising. The virtual tour lets prospects and partners see and plan the ideal position of their advertisements, pop-up kiosks and events.

It’s now easier for the Mitt I City team to showcase these spaces because the client can see exactly what they’re buying. The link to the virtual tour is also something they can give to delivery drivers, temporary staff and contractors who need to come and repair or clean particular sections of the shopping centre.

Mitt I City ground floor