Showcase your business virtually

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Virtual reality and virtual tours in particular are the latest trends implemented by giant corporations in order to entice the audience by making them feel like a part of any adventure through the eyes of their cameras.

Through the decade of social media, people have become more inclined to watch videos and visual content, in general, more than anything else. So making sure that your company is portrayed visually, to the correct audience, in a high-quality manner is an essential key that can differentiate you from any competitor. Through the help of virtual reality and virtual tours, you can create engaging content for the visitors that makes them stick.

What exactly are Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours are simulations of a pre-recorded location that exists within the real world, commonly constructed of a sequence of still images or videos, and through the help of sound effects, music or even narration, it can provide a virtual experience that is very similar to an actual real-life experience. This in turn gives the audience a feeling of presence and it distinguishes itself due to this uniqueness.

Google Virtual Tours are simulated tours that are composed of Street View Trusted images or certified agencies. Through this process, you can ensure that your business is added to Google My Business listings as an interconnected virtual walking tour, and in turn, everyone who searches for your business online can find it on Google Maps platform and enter the area or business virtually.

Hotel Bergendal Stockholm virtual tour

What are the benefits?

Cost effective and easy

Most business owners are intimidated by the amount of time and effort that it takes to create virtual tours, however, that isn’t the case. There are a lot of plugins and apps out there that make creating virtual tours extremely easy and convenient through Tour Creator or WPVR. Search Engine Optimization

Through enticing high-quality videos, even 360-degree videos, that act as virtual tours to potential customers in order to portray your business online, you are bound to show up higher and attract more attention on Google’s own search results. View Time Showcasing engaging and unique content can attract a lot of viewers, however, it’s not enough to only attract them, you also need to keep their attention.

Create a captivating virtual tour of your office or workplace that makes the customer feel close to you – almost as if they are part of your development. In other words, a virtual tour has great potential to increase your sales because many customers appreciate getting to know the people behind the business.


Virtual tours offer a unique experience that cannot easily be emulated by just plain images or videos. It provides a whole new dimension to the way your audience perceives your business and it can even entice them to choose you over anyone else due to the transparency and comfort they acquire through these virtual tours.