Drone photo Test World Ivalo

Project overview

Test World (TW) is a snow testing facility for tyre and vehicle manufacturers in the far north of Finland. Its location in the Arctic Circle is what makes it a fantastic venue, but it also makes it hard for potential clients to visit, especially those based in other countries. The virtual tour lets potential customers explore the facilities without travelling all the way to Finland.

The automobile industry is a highly competitive arena and suppliers like TW have to work hard to attract clients. The virtual tour is an important marketing tool as it helps showcase their expertise. A link to the tour can also be shared with stakeholders so clients can see where and how their budget is being spent.


Interactive Virtual Tour




Test World


The company offers a variety of environments and services for testing cars and tyres. Now, clients can inspect the particular testing areas they’re interested in. Tests can be carried out on a variety of different surfaces out and the virtual tour really helps bring this to life. 

The company recently added to its facilities. In 2018 it opened its wet and dry braking and aquaplaning surfaces. The tour’s 360° panorama showcases these new facilities and also demonstrates how it’s keeping up with the latest automotive innovations by showcasing facilities like electric charging stations.


TW provides high-end services that can run into thousands of dollars so the virtual tour is an important part of the sales process in convincing clients to choose our client as a supplier. The tour also helps PR as journalists and bloggers can write about the facility without needing to visit in person.

All aspects of Test World’s virtual tour were handled by Northman. We shot the facility, edited the raw imagery and then provided a simple link to Test World’s web developers.  The tour runs on all major browsers and devices.