Project overview

24 Storage approached us because they wanted to show potential clients what an incredible facility they have.

For busy clients and homeowners who may be moving to the area from far away, the virtual tour lets them get a first impression without having to visit the site. The virtual tour means they can see what the facility looks like from their desk or mobile. That gives 24 Storage a massive advantage over its competitors without virtual tours.

Potential clients can see that there’s lots of parking, and that there is good access and turning space for large trucks. This is important for a self-storage facility because you might have to tell a house removal truck to go there to drop your furniture there. Clients can also share a link to the virtual tour with their removal company so they don’t need to ring 24 Storage up and ask lots of questions about access.


Interactive Virtual Tour




24 Storage

Stockholm, Sweden.


Many businesses also use self-storage and need to access 24 storage many times a day or month. They want to know that this is going to be as easy as possible. The virtual tour puts their mind at rest. They can see how wide the door is and how close the goods lift is to the front door, and that the floor is polished concrete so even heavy trolleys are easy to manoeuvre.

One of the most important jobs of the virtual tour is that clients can see how big each storage locker is so they can confidently book the right size. A lot of staff time is taken up by explaining to people what size storage unit they need. The virtual tour lets the staff direct the customers to this link instead.

The virtual tour also acts as a piece of evergreen marketing and runs straight from a browser. Like all our work, this virtual tour doesn’t need plugins or extra software to run. You can view the virtual tour on any device and as part of the turnkey service we provide for all our clients, we integrated the virtual tour with Google.

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