Virtual Reality

Using state-of-the-art gear, we create imagined scenes that look so real that viewers find themselves completely immersed in them

What we do

  • With VR, users can explore and interact with an immersive, realistic 360-degree simulation through a head-mounted displays (HMD) or headset
  • VR can bring a number of benefits to a business compared to traditional media, including immersive storytelling and 3D modelling, as well as education and training
  • By completely immersing the user, they become part of the story or experience – not just passive observers
  • Research shows that VR can positively change behaviour, from enabling better decision-making to improving empathy

Other services

360 degree videos

Captivating 360-degree panoramic videos offer the opportunity to convey rich, interactive video experiences to a wide audience.

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Virtual tours

Showcase your venue virtually and give your marketing and sales team a new tool to reach customers

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Frequently asked questions

A 360-degree image is a manageable panoramic image that surrounds the original point from which the image was taken. The viewer can click on any part of the image and turn the view in the desired direction. A 360-degree image consists of numerous photos that are linked together using the so-called sewing (eng stitching) software. 360 photos can be created with, for example, a SLR camera, a digital camera, a phone or a 360 camera, but the best image quality is always provided by a SLR camera.