Why Your Business Needs Drone Footage | FI

Drones have hit the content creation world by storm.

The cinematic spanning shot of the surroundings used to be a hassle to record, and very expensive due to the fact that people had to physically fly using helicopters and planes while holding cameras in order to get the shots they desired.

However, with recent technological developments, drones have become widely accessible and reliable to help us achieve this kind of cinematic birds-eye view in our videos that we’ve dreamed about for decades.

Why Is This Important for Businesses?

Drones can be used in several ways to help your business shine and differentiate from your competition.
Drones can be used as billboards, moving along a flying banner will surely draw some attention, especially because it’s not a common sight to behold.
Themed drones can be used as a way to promote your brand in a unique way. Have a burger business? Camoflague a drone to look like a flying burger and fly it around the restaurant, it is bound to turn some heads and gain the attention of people. The most common way drones are being used, and probably the best way is photo and video creation. These can be especially effective in architecture, real estate or even weddings.

Drones can provide shots of buildings or houses from all sides as well as from above, increasing the overall perspective of someone viewing the structures online, which is ideal for real estate agents trying to sell a property, while in weddings, drone shots can provide a sense of awe and satisfaction as the drone can fly between the ceremony, over it, and it can even carry something in it, imagine the wedding rings being delivered by drone, its something you do not simply see every day.

Drones also give a general feel of the surrounding area, which makes the audience feel bigger than they are and it widens the overall perspective of said area. They can provide a view of an entire area in a single shot, instead of you having to do multiple shots from different perspectives of different areas.

Through this, the viewers can know exactly what kind of area they are visiting, and how long of a path they have to travel, which makes this perfect for adventurers and tour guides, as they can inform the tourists of the path layout in exact detail, so they know exactly if they’re prepared for it or not.

Drones can tremendously change the way we do business and can be implemented in almost any way we see fit.
Due to their versatility, size, image quality, and stability, they are tools that can be used to create the advertisements of our dreams.
They can be used as scouts to analyze an area, they can truly bring scale to structures and help us when trying to invest in real estate, or they can even record our weddings in a truly unique and memorable way for everyone to embrace.

Higher Pricing

Through this, you can prove and provide a solid argument as to why a property costs the amount it does.

If you are not in a position to place objects within the empty space physically due to their high cost and value, you can render them in the virtual world where you are only limited by your imagination.

Rare golden statues and historical paintings in the living room?
No problem, here is what it will eventually look like, assuming you want to invest this much in a home, which, chances are that the people who are looking to buy something more pricey might want to do long term.

Resolve Issues Efficiently

Through the use of 3D virtual modeling, you are able to find and resolve potential issues that might happen during construction.

Usually, when the construction process has begun, if you find an issue too late, you may need to scrap and demolish the project to start over, which can be extremely costly and can be easily avoided.

To avoid this, you can re-create the blueprint into a virtual building that you can fit with furniture and other things you might have in mind in order to see if it all aligns up as you had envisioned and calculated.

If anything isn’t up to standard, you can easily change it before the construction process begins, saving a lot of time and headaches in the process.

Be on the Bleeding Edge

Clients take people with vast knowledge a lot more seriously.
As proof of concept and knowledge, the 3D renders you show them will place you above the average salesperson and entice them to follow you through the construction process with a high level of confidence in your abilities.


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