How to Get Better Engagement with 360 Videos | FI

With the evolution of technology the way we record videos as well as share experiences online
has changed.

From the upgrade to high definition, 3D and other advancements, 360 video is the next big leap in the way we perceive video.

360 videos help immerse the viewers which, when properly executed, can lead to a higher level of engagement and interaction with the desired audience or customers.

So how do you get better engagement with 360 videos?

Showcase Products or Services

Not all customers have the resources or time to visit a business location. Therefore companies must find new ways to showcase their products and services to make sure no customer is left out of the experience.

Recording in 360 allows customers to be a part of the experience you as business owner is providing, making them feel as if they were there. Such videos are easy to upload and access from the most commonly used social media platforms lowering the bar for firms to reach the desired audience.

360 diving video finland

Promoting Destinations

For travel agencies, 360 videos are a great way to attract customers and promote travel destinations.

With 360 content customers can go on a virtual adventure and see what awaits them if they choose your agency or the specific destination on offer. It is easier than ever to showcase amazing destinations on offer.

For the Adventurous Spirits

Tackling some of life’s most difficult adventures such as skydiving, hiking and rope climbing can be a tricky task, regardless if that reason is a physical obstacle or due to phobia.

360 videos allows the user to be a part of an adventure without physically being there. In some situations, it can even help in fighting and resolving phobias.

Promotional Events

By taking advantage of the capabilities of 360 videos, businesses can help immerse their audience into any location they have envisioned. This comes especially handy when promoting events and allows the audience to visualize what to expect.

360 video is a fairly new and exciting new medium which can make your business and your brand stand out from the crowd. Stay ahead of the curve and attract your audience with quality 360 videos that tell a story and invite them to an adventure.


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