Project overview

When you have the largest indoor ski-centre in Europe, you want to be able to take advantage of the PR you generate. Static pictures are great but they don’t bring the experience to life in the same way that a first person view Virtual Tour does. When you view the virtual tour of SNO you get excited even before you get there.

We used drones to film the outside of the building as we wanted to show the massive scale of the facility. Size is important when you’re going to an indoor ski run – you want to know you’re going to get a long run. Using the drone also let us show the fantastic design of SNO. For other imagery we used high end DSLRs and 360 cameras.

SNO is in fact much more than just a ski run. There’s a giant restaurant, and 2000sq m of sporting good stores, as well as equipment maintenance. The virtual tour brings this to life and shows that there is plenty to do before and after skiing, or while you are waiting for friends or family.


Interactive Virtual Tour





Oslo, Norway


The virtual tour covers the main areas of the ski-centre: Beginners, Alpine Skiing, Ski Park and Cross Country areas. The Alpine Skiing is suspended from the ceiling and floats above the main slope. The virtual tour brings that to life in a way that static imagery couldn’t.

We know from experience that simple signposting can relieve pressure on facilities staff.  So we included the main entrance in our virtual tour so visitors would know where to go.

Rotating the view lets visitors see there’s parking close to the entrance. We also used hotspots to help with navigation and to tell viewers about facilities like the shops, restaurants and ski hire.  

The virtual tour works on mobile or desktop devices. We integrated the virtual tour into Google as part of the package. To make the virtual tour easy to integrate into SNO’s website, we created a simple i-frame link for their web developer to embed.

Drone SNØ indoor skicentrum