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The Many Uses of Virtual Reality

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The world of virtual reality has been widely adapted mostly within the gaming world when mentioned in modern pop-culture media.

Gamers all over the world have used this technology in order to indulge themselves within the games they love playing and immersing themselves in the virtual worlds they’d only wish to physically feel and be a part of.

However, this is not the only way people are taking advantage of virtual reality, as it has been used in many different industries to serve many different things.

Sports and Training

Through the use of virtual reality, the sports industry has evolved tremendously.

It is being used by many athletes as a training aid to help them measure and analyze their athletic performance by placing them in virtual obstacles and fields as well as helping them view exactly what they are doing wrong, increasing their overall effectiveness.

VR is also used to enhance the sports viewing experience as it can put people within the playing field itself or in the front row per-say through broadcasting the event in real-time to the virtual reality headsets.

Military Training

Within the US and UK, virtual reality has been adapted by many soldiers in order to train them for real-world threats, without the risk of getting them initially in trouble or causing severe damage from real wounds.

Through the use of VR technology, the solider can be placed within different zones and locations, such as placing them in a battlefield, or in the air through flight simulation, making sure that they are capable of resisting these tense scenarios while reducing the cost of actually recreating these scenarios in the real world.

What are the benefits?

Cost effective and easy Most business owners are intimidated by the amount of time and effort that it takes to create virtual tours, however, that isn’t the case. There are a lot of plugins and apps out there that make creating virtual tours extremely easy and convenient through Tour Creator or WPVR.

Search Engine Optimization Through enticing high-quality videos, even 360-degree ones that act as virtual tours to potential customers in order to portray your business online, you are bound to show up higher and attract more attention on Google’s own search results.

View Time  Showcasing engaging and unique content can attract a lot of viewers, however, it’s not enough to only attract them, you also need to keep their attention.

Creating a virtual tour of your office or workplace can make the customers feel engaged and close with you as if they are also a part of the entire development process, and this can potentially lead to more sales as people like knowing who they are doing business with. This way you will provide a realistic experience that will remain memorable and in turn you will stand out from the competition.

Engagement Online viewers are bound to comment on something, either positive or negative about the circumstances in which the 360 videos were created, or the content within it, and through this, it can raise the overall engagement on the videos.

Through this engagement, a lot of other people will have their say, usually, this involves high praise for the creativity and effort that went into creating the content, but this isn’t necessarily always the case.


 Virtual tours offer a unique experience that cannot easily be emulated by just plain images or videos.

It provides a whole new dimension to the way

your audience perceives your business and it can even entice them to choose you over anyone else due to the transparency and comfort they acquire through these virtual tours.

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